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  1. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    Awesome dropped dude. I have all of them already so won’t be using any. But just wanted to say thank you :thumbs::thumbs:
  2. US Digital Code Giveaway

    Though OP didn’t mention it, you didn’t think it would be polite to just go for one or the other? Though having said that, thanks for saying thanks and not hit and running. Also for other members, sounds like Felix redeemed BTTF on iTunes so the codes might still potentially redeem on Vudu as...
  3. Digital Codes Giveaway

    I got Rise of Skywalker. Thank you so much!! Very kind of you for sharing all the codes. Awesome work dude:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  4. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    Nice. Can I have the Aladdin digital code that comes with it please :rofl::rofl:
  5. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    Agreed. Direct PMing sounds like the right move when you want to request codes. If Kryptonite is cool with it, maybe we can all pm him our lists...:hungry:
  6. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    I don’t know about here, but on most sites it’s pretty poor etiquette to ask for free codes... There are a number of sites that sell codes if you’re desperate to get those movies. Pm if you want the details.
  7. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    Cheers. I can’t use UK codes. But thanks again for the great share. Someone will be very happy :thumbs:
  8. Digital Copy Codes Give-Away

    Awesome drop again dude! What country is the code for?
  9. Digital Codes Give-Away

    Wow all of these have already been redeemed and not one thanks. Makes me think that one trash member took them all tbh. Thanks for the awesome drop SourceD. Much appreciated. A shame the people who got them didn’t think to say so.
  10. WINNER CHOSEN 100 Movies - 1 Winner

    Not joking but it was the Aussie version, so no Bob Barker I’m sorry.
  11. WINNER CHOSEN 100 Movies - 1 Winner

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I should win because it would be a nice new story for me to tell to add to the time I won a set of golf clubs on the price is right. If I were not to win however, I’d like to put in a vote for my main man @C.C. 95 to win, cause that guy is awesome! Im having...
  12. Digital Codes Give-Away

    Ash vs the evil dead season 3. Thank you kind sir!
  13. [CLOSED-WINNERS CHOSEN] Summer Giveaway-$75(2 winners) to Amazon JP-ends 7/16!

    My Japanese laserdiscs editions of: Fight Club U-571 The Sixth Sense At work and don’t have pics on me sorry. Got in with 2 mins to spare :D