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  • Hi! Do you know if the Best Buy Canada forum still exist? I can not find it anymore, and I know you were going there.
    Had a quick question buddy. I saw some Sherlock steelbooks (seasons 1 - 3), but they were only an HMV exclusive. Have you, by chance, heard of anyone doing a Group Buy for this? Or is it coming nearer to us soon (for sometimes, someone is in the know if it may be). Thanks either way.
    Hi mate

    In your pm to everyone you said Wednesday 16th but 16th is on Tuesday ;) i know as its my birthday lol

    Hi Marc,
    Please ship my order for Mondo T2 with Kingsmen, and the other tow steels together. Thank you.
    Hi Marc,

    I'm scheduled to pay for the Dredd Mondo steel on Tuesday 19 May - thanks for your patience! I had forgotten that I had participated in another gb for this same item at another site and had to pay that one first. I don't know if I need 2 copies of Dredd but I made a commitment to you when I signed up and I plan on keeping it. Thanks again and talk to you again on Tuesday.
    Hi, would you be able to add me to the MASTER LIST for 1 copy of the Rambo first blood mondo steelbook to England. Thanks for your time, it is much appreciated...
    Hi Marc,

    I will pay for the Mondo Looper later today.

    Can you hold back in posting out and post out Looper ,boyhood and the Rambo GB Together.

    Many thanks
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