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  • Hi Drum18,

    I just sent my payment for the Mondo "Drive" steelbook. Thanks for putting this together and please let me know if I screwed anything up with my payment. :)
    Hey, Drum18. I sent my payment via PayPal for the Mondo Drive steelbook but literally only just noticed that I failed to specify my board-name during the whole process. DOH!
    Hi Drum18,
    I wonder how much does it cost to ship within Canada (Edmonton), I may buy 2 - 4 steels in "GB Paramount HMV Canada"
    I'm new and I looked everywhere to find out how to PM you. Anyways, I participated in the GB for the Drive Steelbook and noticed my name on the GB list is spelled wrong. Don't know if that matters. You have me as DigitzeCtrl when it should be DigitzrCtrl. R instead of E. Thanks again.
    Thanks drum for fixing my pictures
    Your a star.. Is there anyway I can do it to save you the trouble
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