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I live in Downeast Maine. I've been in several rock bands and currently enjoy being an active Singer/Songwriter in Maine.

As for Steelbooks, I never understood the allure back in the day. I always thought I'd hate it if it got damaged, so I never delved. Then one Halloween I won a Halloween contest which gave me Texas Chainsaw Massacre in steelbook form. It looked awesome!!!! I was hooked.

Not shortly after I picked up the remake of Total Recall in steel. Then as this is all going on I'm discovering this place!! I was doomed...in a most excellent way!! I don't get every one I want, but I'm happy with my little yet growing collection.

Miracle: We were living in Massachusetts and my mom was up from Florida for a visit. It was a nice warm sunny day so I was wearing shorts and a tanktop. My wife was with my mom as she was putting together some wrapped cornish hens (wrapped in foil) I was to put on the grill. She put on the usual differing oils and spices and closed it up tight. She called me to put it on the grill so I took it outside on the deck and put it on the grill. I went back inside.

About 20 minutes later I went outside to turn the foil wrap. I'd done it a million times. Didn't even use gloves, I was really good at it. Could do it fast. So I reached in quick and grabbed the sides and lifted to turn it. For some reason I lost my grip, and instinctively leaned in to gain control. Once I did, the seam in the wrap split open and the oil went into the fire.

The flames engulfed me and I saw all the colors of the flames as they shot past my head. All at once, it was like a brick pounded me in the chest and pushed me back. I staggered back pretty much in shock, sure I was melted. My head, arms, upper torso all in play. I thought it was over.

I stood there as my wife and mom came running out. I told them "I'm ruined". No you're not!, my wife said. I asked if I still had my hair. I was so sure I was done I was affraid to look at my hands. I just stared straight ahead. They said I did so I felt my head and sure enough...my hair was there. I asked about my ears and face and they said i was fine. I touched my face, and looked at my hands. Even the hairs on my fingers was good to go. I was Godsmacked. Honestly in disbelief.

For about 2 hours I went on and on about how impossible it was for this to happen. I told my mom, a true follower of Jesus, that I didn't deserve to have a gift like that. She told me it wasn't up to me what God wanted to do. I struggled with this greatly, but couldn't let it go what happened. I kept telling them about the push on my check, like I was knocked back by a brick. I lifed my shirt and said "right here. it hit me right here"

They stared at my chest and I looked down. On my chest was a red marking of a hand right where I felt the 'brick'.

A little time passed and I kept looking at it. Just as obvious and clear as when I first saw it. I called my brother whose a pastor to tell him about it and he asked me if I'd taken a picture of it.

"NO"!!! I said, let me call you back. I looked at my chest.....still there.

Went to grab a camera, gave it to my wife, lifted the shirt......

and it was gone.
Like I said, I was totally undeserving of any grace God would want to bestow on me, but for some reason I don't know he showed me mercy. Maybe it was for my Mom. Maybe me, although to me that's laughable. Many bad and awful things happen to people all the time, and I was next in line. But it passed over me.

Praise be to God the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ.
January 9
Downeast Maine
Favorite Movie(s)
Everything Speilberg esp JAWS. Classic Universal. Planet of the Apes films. Posidon Adventure