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  • ZDT are in da house !! :) everyone who has sent me very nice Messages over the last week due to my loss. It is very much appreciated !!
    Hello John,

    I would like to join to Avengers Novamedia GB.
    But before I do this could you tell me the shipping cost to Italy for the 3 x Full slip?

    Hello John,
    Is it possible to group John Wick and Gladiator to reduce the shipping cost?
    I thank you.
    Hi John,
    habe eine Frage an dich, du machst ja auch den HUP für GLADIATOR von HDZ, hast du schon etwas Neues gehört, was den Versand betrifft ?
    Wäre nett wenn du mir antworten könntest.

    Hi john sorry to be a bother. Im new to the GB and I have requested on the John wick GB page however as im new im not sure how it works, if im now in line to get a copy or how to make a payment when needed. Any chance you could possibly give me some guidance it would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
    Best of luck with GoTG GB tomorrow. I am too new to join but it will be a bit of a mayhem for everybody trying to get it.
    Hi John I am on the list as blank could I have 1 x fullslip and 1 x lenti version 2 please
    I SAW THE DEVIL are almost here !! For other stuff like Trans 4 ES i will be doing the packing no later this weekend... !! Have a great Day
    Hello John. I sincerely apologize but just yesterday I had a personal matter that involves me no longer being able to pay for this. I try to be responsible but sometimes things happen that are unplanned. I appreciate all you do for HDN and its fellow members. I ask please that you don't block me from other group buys that I may want to participate in the future. Thank you.
    Hello. Do you know if there will be a Group Buy for the Breaking Bad MediaMarkt steelbook set? Thank you very much.
    Hello John,
    I would like to know if you have shipped the Sabotage Lenti Steelbook. I thank you again for allowing me to get this steelbook through your GB.
    Kind regards.
    Hello john just wondered if you have received payment for sabotage lenti. Cheers ade(purplebook).
    Billing for Sabotage Gold and Lenti as well as for the Transcendence Steelbooks . Please be patient . Thanks
    hello master blaster on the 8th august i put myself down on your group buy list for a sabotage lenticular steelbook saying 1 x uk please, and did send you a message asking if everything was ok and that you can get me one, i didnt hear back from yourself so am just asking again is everything ok and will you be getting me one, i look forward to your response,
    thankyou and best regards from yardman
    ive contacted you many times with no reponse to my mails or requests . Therefore I was forced to leave you 2 negative ratings for the 2 GBs where you did not fulfill your commitment. I will not be servicing you in any other Groupbuy.
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