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  1. Quick Question about Deadpool FilmArena Hardbox (E3)

    I recently sold my Sabotage Hard Box edition to someone and when they opened it up and one of the editions didn't contain a disc. I had to get in touch with the GB host that I bought it from and have them ship me a disc, which I then shipped to my buyer. Luckily the GB host was very cooperative...
  2. Doctor Strange (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

    Yep! Order status is pending. I'm sure they'll send it later, not too worried about it now. Just curious if anyone else didn't receive an email from them.
  3. Doctor Strange (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

    Ordered from Nova yesterday, but I never got a order confirmation like I normally do. Odd o_O Did those of you that ordered from Nova receive one?
  4. Sabotage (Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #34) [Czech Republic]

    What are the odds of one of these editions missing the blu-ray disc? I recently got rid of my sealed/mint boxset and the buyer messaged me saying that the blu-ray disc from their E1 was missing.
  5. I'm looking for "X" SteelBook can anyone help me find it? (No 'Haves')

    Looking to buy Guardians of the Galaxy Best Buy exclusive steel. Sealed or open as long as mint or near mint.
  6. I'm looking for "X" slipcover, can you help?

    Looking to buy Captain America Civil War PET slip
  7. [Winner chosen] HUGE 25 Steelbook & Collectibles-Ninja Week giveaway!

    My favorite thing about the HDN community is the people. It's nice to be in a place where everyone is as about all of these collectibles as I am.
  8. [WINNER ANNOUNCED] DARK HALL MANSION - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows variant

    I can't remember which film it was from exactly, but the scene where Harry and Dumbledore are in the cave looking for the horcrux.
  9. [Winner chosen] Triforce Tetris Light up Sculpture Set-Ninja Week giveaway!

    When I was a kid (maybe 9 or 10), my neighbors hosted a Christmas party at their house. The adults got all the kids small gifts, and the gift I received was a handheld Tetris game. At first glance I thought it was the lamest thing ever. I had never been more wrong. I sunk hours upon hours of my...
  10. [Winner chosen] Zavvi 6 Steelbook package-Ninja Week giveaway!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
  11. [Winner chosen] Sideshow Collectibles-Deadpool 1/6 Scale Figure-Ninja Week Giveaway!

    Awesome prize, thanks for the giveaway!
  12. [Winner chosen] Sideshow Collectibles amazing Star Wars package-Ninja Week Giveaway!

    1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Rogue One 3. New Hope 4. Return of the Jedi 5. The Force Awakens 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. Phantom Menace 8. Attack of the Clones Thanks for the giveaway!