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  • essentially its a person who instead of a head has a eyeball that dates back to a space dock I was making when I was in junior high.
    Yeah it was a joke I made for one of our co workers, its a old man chasing a turtle and losing...
    its so nice to be able to use a real avatar instead of such a small one that I am forced to use.. on blu-ray
    im not sure hew it was but he had tha match in the bag if only he had used the freaking mist
    he was in the main event like once and he almost won freaking tease the wwe is
    yeah i like him that kick he gave to shelton quick knockout. but tajiri was a beast back in the day with the mist.
    yeah you say you all dont get superstars that suck really hard he on ecw he had a match with tyler rekks like 2 weeks ago .
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