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  • OMG Thankss! The combo on sale was sold out so I thought I missed it, but I was able to order them separately. They gave us a short window huh.
    Thanks, bud. I saw that and it's awesome, but I just don't have the time or cash for a new print at the moment since I'm in the middle of moving.
    Thank you for the kind words. You're helping me be aware of what is out there for me to collect so a quick click on the thanks button is the least I can do.
    It must take you quite some time to find all those listings. I've looked at amz.jp a few times and there's a ton to go through. It takes forever! So I truly appreicate your time and effort. :)
    Thanks, mate! I don't know what magic Brazil did to hold off Spain to play their game, but I know it worked, lol. I guess that goal right in the beginning shook Spain a little bit.
    Sorry mate, I just found one mint copy for me.
    But maybe one day, I'll find another one ;)
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