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  1. Almost Famous (4K+2D Blu-ray) (HMV Exclusive Cine Edition) [UK]

    This came back into stock Tuesday PM but only for a few mins (as far I’m aware). Although now showing as discontinued I managed to grab one which has been dispatched. :thanks:
  2. RIP Shock G

    RIP Shock G What a crazy couple of weeks - first DMX then Black Rob and now Shock G...
  3. RIP DMX

    RIP will be missed A true hip hop legend. Started following hip hop in 1984 and can honestly say that in my opinion DMX was one of the best.
  4. The Middle Earth (Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray) [UK]

    So this set is currently showing as £699 via third party seller It also shows as £279 on Amazon UK (importing from USA). There is also a Middle Earth UCE set that is £240 All look identical - Collectors editions, Wooden case, 30 discs BR & DVD Anyone able to confirm what the differences are...
  5. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    And so ends my favourite TV show of all time :( Mixed emotions right now so I'll maybe comment later... What I do know is that I will rewatch again from the start :thanks:
  6. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    Here goes...hope everyone watching enjoys. It's been a helluva ride!!
  7. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    Decent episode...two to go :woot:
  8. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    WOW - Best...episode...ever!! I am in complete awe of this programme. I would run out of superlatives trying to describe what I have just watched...the tension in the opening minutes alone was like nothing I have seen on TV before and the last segment...simply breathtaking! Agree about the...
  9. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    Good episode...It's all week to go for the big one :woot:
  10. Completed Game Of Thrones (Season 8) [HBO]

    Agreed...and so it begins
  11. WINNER CHOSEN #NOODLESWEEK! Lawrence of Arabia - HDZeta Exclusive SteelBook

    Thanks for the giveaway My choice would be The Silence of the Lambs
  12. [ENDED]AUTOGRAPHED!! SIGNED!! Glass SteelBook by Director M. Night Shyamalan

    Thanks for the giveaway Favourite is the Sixth Sense