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  • The Next Room is now over 200 views in less than a week. Thank you to everyone that's watched, commented, and liked (or even disliked). It's been appreciated!
    Part 2
    I decided to write to you, if suddenly you are still selling it or are thinking of selling it, or you know people who can sell (I will buy for $ 400-500), do me a favor (having evaluated excellent reviews about you, I decided to contact you) answer the letter. If you do not sell and do not know anyone who is selling, please excuse me for the time spent reading my letter. Thank you.
    Part 1
    Good afternoon. Sorry for the strange question, perhaps even belated, but you are still selling "The Silence of the Lambs slipcovers Fox Awards Series"? I dream to buy this edition but on Ebay and on Amazon it's not. I recently applied to the company FoxConnect do they have them, but I was told that everything is sold out. "Google" your page with the topic for this edition goes first.
    Going to be here a little less, too. When I come by, it'll be for editing/GeekCap reasons. PM me anytime! :)
    Deleted my Facebook & Instagram for a while -- taking a break. Need to focus on me & my family & my writing -- no distractions. #startfresh
    Almost a wrap on 2017! I moved back home, kicked off Geek Pants, & successfully launched the HDN GeekCap. Here's to a bigger 2018!
    Wow... just realized that December 5th will be 6 years of me at HDN. Time sure flies!
    Episode 3 of the HDN Podcast is now live through iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube! Have you heard it yet? ;)
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