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  • hi Wreck
    Is there any way to see if Play could possibly release I, Robot as a Steelbook, but with the white art and the NX-5 as the cover. That would be mind blowing.
    hi mate

    I've traded Jurassic park so i want to remove it from my collection but i cant see how to do it lol
    Hi - (by the way, I'm a big Texans fan) I'm trying to figure out how to trade on this site, but all of the threads seem to be for "existing trades" and I was wondering how to find traders with specific titles they want or have for trade. How do I advertise the Steelbooks that I have to trade and which titles I want to add to my collection? I'm on eBay with over 350 transactions and a 100% approval rating - but I have never offered Steelbooks before (I only started collecting a few months ago). I have a number of Best Buy Steelbooks available to trade (Avengers, Cinderella, Sucker Punch, V is for Vendetta, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Grand Torino, Green Lantern, Matrix, and Goodfellas) Please point me in the right direction.
    hi wreck, were can i find the info you post about steelbook levels in certain retailers like play .com..etc..i think it is in your news section somewhere, still finding my way around!
    Yeah, maybe a torn ACL :ohno: . But I think we can beat Packers especially after them losing to the Colts, but Ravens look really healthy and Flacco is on a roll. I still think we can take em both...IF we're healthy. :ohno:
    Dude! I knew we were getting the Jets, but with Cushing and maybe Joseph out, Packers may beat us. If we have Joseph, we may have a chance.
    Thanks for the welcome. I'm new to Steelbook collecting but I'm hopeful to expand my collection rapidly, although I may need some assistance from foreign collectors since there are few Steelbooks available in the States (although Best Buy seems to offer the occasional title).
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