Akira - 30th Anniversary (Blu-ray FuturePak) (Heavy Metal Edition) [France]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: May 19, 2022
Purchase links: FNAC - Amazon FR
Price: €29.99

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Really like this and now I know how to order from Amazon.fr I might just have to grab this :spoil: :thumbs:
Tell me, what is The Best Steelbook version with the best PQ ? Pls. Thank you ! :thumbs:
It'll be this one. There is yet to be a steelbook release of the 4k disc, which is subjectively worse than this due to DNR and green tint imo. So any steelbook with the 2013 FUNanimation remaster (any release after 2015 in the EU) is the best to get.

The UK 2013 steelbook (which isn't as nice as this one either imo) uses the older bandai master with dodgy dubbed subtitles, plus it's windowboxed.

What release you want ultimately depends on what audio/subtitle/region code you need the disc to be. I'd highly recommend the 192kz 5.1 Japanese track no matter what release you buy, but of course you need to be able to understand the subtitle options for it on the disc lol

This release will only have French subs. The Spanish only had Spanish. Same applies to English, German etc... Only way around it is if your bluray player allows you to load external subs.
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@samdavies Thank you ! :thumbs:

I want/need region B. Eng subs. Original audio. So, it seems you are correct - it's this one !
No worries! This particular steel, being a french release, is very unlikely to come with English subtitles though. You'll need to replace the disc (£8 on amazon uk) or (if your bluray player allows) load external English subtitles while playing it.
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heard 4k this year
4k is already out. Well, in JP, US, UK and DE anyway. Due in Spain in May as well. I haven't heard anything about a french release though.
Honestly the 4K isn't very impressive. Aside from the minimal gains HDR and WGC brings, it's DNR'd to f**k and has an odd green tint.

They've also messed with the 192khz JP 5.1 audio mix and the central channel on the track is very low.
The US/UK discs don't even have the 192khz track, which is inexcusable as far as I'm concerned.
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