Avengers (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (WeET Collection Exclusive No.14) [Korea]

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Apr 28, 2011
Release date: October 27, 2022
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip A1 - Full Slip A2 - Lenti B1 - Lenti B2 (Pre-order on July 29, at 2 PM - Korea time)
Price: $245 (Box Set) - $58.99 (Full Slip A1 - Lenti B1) - $52.99 (Full Slip A2 - Lenti B2)
Note: Total Print Run 4000 copies. Box Set, 600 copies - Full Slip A1, 450 copies - Full Slip A2, 250 copies - Lenti B1, 550 copies - Lenti B2, 350 copies
Group buy: hosted by Aniv. Sold through the Ninja Shop , on July 24, at 4:15 PM - CST. Check your local time HERE

294540112_483550753578415_2424742573318904376_n.jpg 294670174_483550870245070_72548284027668353_n.jpg 294103462_483550950245062_4701781681142958392_n.jpg 293967431_483551033578387_4096809652787669472_n.jpg 294317759_483551116911712_4636352753023077266_n.jpg
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Nov 23, 2019
The back of the steelbook is awfully dull. Loki is fine, but no background art? Just all black is meh. Guess I'll try to get A1 or B1 since I don't own the movie in 3D yet. I also don't particularly care if I miss it. But I'm not sure if that's because I think it's just okay, or if I'm simply tired of Marvel releases.


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Jun 4, 2013
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Not the best art or slips or avengers release in general but it will do for a full avengers set from 1 retailer given that the art is quite limited for the film. None wow me so I’ll go for the cheapest option
Jul 22, 2020
All over A2, the front is easily my favourite poster for the film. Don't love that pose of cap on the rear, but at least it's not on the steel again! The steel I'm indifferent on... Think I prefer it to nova's, but there's not a lot in it. Glad loki is still on the rear :D
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Jun 30, 2018
B2 is least bad but I don’t know if I want a lenti.

A2 has the theatrical poster art but I hate that random generic Cap pose on the back.


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Aug 27, 2021
i dont like the steelbook :( they should remove fury and switch hawkeye and captain america
planned to buy the oc, but now i will buy only 1 or 2 editions
Yeah I actually like Fury, but the placement of Captain America doesn‘t seem right. He doesn‘t need to be the top front but it looks like they’re hiding him in the back. They even cut his shield. I mean he‘s the first Avenger after all :LOL:


DVD? No thanks.
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Jan 26, 2018
Having Nova's as well I think the edition that will fit my collection is the B1... WeET's lentis are great but I'm potentially missing some holofoil... Hmm decisions...


Sep 3, 2019
glad they kept Loki on the steel like nova’s.

Could’ve made a cool ‘mural’-like layout across the backs of the slips, similar to Spiderman Homecoming Blufans or FAC.


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Dec 31, 2020
This a premium edition that doesn't look like premium.. I hope WEET focus more on missed releases like Iron Man 2 and 3 or the new ones like MoM..

Until we see live pics of actual product judging this is pointless.
I disagree that this doesn't look premium. If we go that way and reverse actual standing and switch Nova and Weet, u'd praise Weet and spit Nova... First who release editions for movie which'll get multiple releases are always in best position cause they have most to work with. Each other group has less to work with and with that ppl more or less have same opinion...
Oct 28, 2019
Endgame B1 ironman lenti with widow on the back.

Avengers B1 ironman lenti with widow on the back.

Ultron B1 ironman lenti with widow on the back... and hulk

That's cool. I think?
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