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Nov 9, 2018
Good evening my fellow Ninjas :thumbs: A little while back i was lucky enough to win an amazing prize on here, hosted by @Naughtius Maximus :notworthy:

So id like to offer some of these awesome items that were included in the giveaway, back to you guys :thumbs: I hadn't a chance to sort these all out beforehand due to work but now i have some time off id like to pass the love on....

I'll be giving a few things, so please fell free to enter as many as you like and postage will be covered worldwide.

All you need to do is Thank this thread:thumbs:

Give my Digibook collection a like ( Also all obtained via David:notworthy::thumbs:)

Also feel free to throw up a funny Gif :thumbs:

Winner will be picked by via

Will run until Friday 16TH of Aug.

Goodluck Ninjas:thumbs::D

Second item will be a copy of:
Battle royale .JPG


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Huge thanks for the amazing prize @Robles. :notworthy:

This thing looks even better in hand, and I'm super happy to have it in my collection! :D

The chocolate was a nice surprise too... I never even knew the Oreo sandwich existed, but I'm glad it does, because it tastes like heaven. :hungry:

Thanks again for your generosity buddy. :thumbs:

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