Multi Dark Souls 2 BA/CE (FuturePak) [North America]

May 20, 2012
Dark Souls 2 will be released on 14th March in Europe and 11th March 2014 in North America


The Dark Souls II Black Armor Edition comes with a FREE collectible metal case, game and original game soundtrack*. The collectible case has a unique Warrior Knight art graphic on it that will only be found on the Black Armor Edition. The original game soundtrack is composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who composed the full score for the 2011 hit Dark Souls.


Collector's Edition features a 12 inch figurine (based on the warrior character seen on the game's box art and debut trailer), an art book, a cloth map of the game world and the contents of the "Black Armor Edition.

No pricing, and descriptions say "metal case", so maybe not a steelbook?
Metal case.

Free with preorder in US, and comes with the Collector's Edition as well.
No word on preorders in EU yet.
No pricing either.
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Oct 23, 2012
Black Armor Edition available for pre-order now in the US/CA:

Pre-order bonus - free black armor edition upgrade: pre-order now and receive the black armor edition. Includes collectible metal case featuring exclusive art of the warrior knight, dark souls II game and original game soundtrack - while supplies last.

USD $59.96 / CDN $59.99

Xbox 360 US
Xbox 360 CA

PlayStation 3 US
PlayStation 3 CA

Collector's Edition also available:

Collectors edition: includes premium quality 12" warrior knight figurine made from solid pic weighing nearly 16 ounces, exclusive hardbound art book, full color microfiber game map, black armor edition metal base and original game soundtrack.

USD $119.96 / CDN $119.99

Xbox 360 US
Xbox 360 CA

PlayStation 3 US
PlayStation 3 CA
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Nov 20, 2011
Yea, little disappointed in the choice of metalpak for this. I will say though, MPs do allow for some crazy good embossing without any border (i.e. Batman Origins). Wonder why steelbooks can't do the same?
Jan 3, 2011
Just cancelled my preorder for this as well, not thrilled with it being a metalpak. Every other metalpak I have the spine is falling apart, or doesn't close properly anymore.
Jan 3, 2011
You guys do know that this is still dark souls 2....metal pak or not ;o

Since its releasing same day as Titanfall, Dark Souls 2 can wait. Since its not SteelBook I don't have to rush and pick it up day one and can wait for a price drop. ;)

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I got this Futurepak in hand and it's gorgeous. The quality appears to have been improved (I know I remember that dreadful IM2), but this is a good improvement. The embossing is very nice and the gloss makes it stand out even more. I have a few photos to post later today.
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