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Apr 14, 2012
Hello Ninjas,
I decided to sell few steelbooks. I need money for food, lol

I only accept payment as Family & Friends.

Germany: 7,48€

EU: 13,39€ via DHL (2 kg) | 17,99€ via DHL (5 kg)

Switzerland / UK: 19,20€ via DHL (2 kg)
ROW : 22,89€ via DHL

All Steelbooks are factory sealed and mint. Pictures available on request. The prices are not set in stone!!!

= only available as a set


Assassin's Creed (debossed title) 20€
Avengers Endgame (3D + 2D) 25€
Street Fighter - Assassin’s Fist 15€
The Last Samurai (glossy & debossed) 75€

No Steelbooks

Jurassic Park Trilogy (DigiPak) 30€

Manta Lab

I sell these only, when I find buyers for all editions. No exceptions (Negan voice).

2001 (One Click) 170€
Alien Covenant (One Click) + Prometheus (FAC E3) BEST OFFER
A Star Is Born (Full Slip) 100€
Birds Of Prey (One Click) + replacement OC Box 165€
Dunkirk (Single Lenti) 65€ *RESERVED*
Dunkirk (Double Lenti) 70€ *RESERVED*
Fight Club (Full Slip) 155€ *RESERVED*
First Man (Single Lenti) 90€
Interstellar (Double Lenti) 125€ *RESERVED*
Joker (Single Lenti) 85€
La La Land (Double Lenti) 115€ *RESERVED*
Seven (Full Slip) 150€
The Greatest Showman (Full Slip) 90€
The Matrix Resurrections (One Click) 185€
The Revenant (Leather Slip) 95€ *RESERVED*
Tenet (Double Lenti) 70€
Tenet (Single Lenti) 85€
W. F. T. P. O. T. Apes (Double Lenti) 50€


I sell these only, when I find buyers for all editions. No exceptions (Negan voice).

Ant-Man And The Wasp (Lenti B1) 75€
Avengers (Type B1) 75€
Avengers (Type B2) 60€
Avengers IW (Type A2) 90€
Avengers IW (Type B2) 95€
Avengers Endgame (Type A1) 90€
Captain Marvel (One Click) 250€
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (Type B) 90€

Nightcrawler (Lenti) 50€

Filmarena / Black Barons
Prometheus (E3) + Alien Covenant (ML OC) BEST OFFER
It (Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 Lenti) 170€
Deadpool 2 (E3) 80€

Birds of Prey (Full Slip) 70€


Logan (One Click) 150€


IT & IT Chapter 2 (One Click) 185€


2 Hit Combo

Despicable Me (First Pressing) & Despicable Me 2 (3D+2D) 30€
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Deadpool 1 Filmarena Hardbox / One Click
Deadpool 2 Filmarena Hardbox / One Click
and few others

EDIT: sold via ebay... only took few minutes :wow:
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added few items
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Hi, i see you have manta lab dunkirk single lenti for sale. Can i claim it ? :) i am from the Netherlands by the way

Grtz, Ronald