Dune: Part Two (Possible Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive) [Hong Kong]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: TBA
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Note: From Manta Lab via Collectong

Dear Customers,

Happy CNY everyone! We are happy to announce the 2023 exclusive steelbook releases (Tentative). All releases from the list are not guaranteed. 2022 releases that were not released in 2022 may not release in 2023 due to issues from our distributor.

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dune part 2 will be released november 3, 2023, so there is no chance manta lab will release this movie this year.
Flash (June) and Oppenheimer (July) will be pushing it too. Maybe pre orders toward the end of the year. I’m assuming the same for beetleborgs with dune 2 though because it’s an August cinema release with home release around November/ December
Yeah this is definitely not coming until probably something like summer 2024 at earliest I'd imagine. Still I'm looking forward to it. Didn't dig any of Manta's Dune stuff so I'm hoping there's something here for me with Dune Part 2 (especially since I first signed up here just for the Dune release after it's initial announcement :spoil: ).
mantalab in July 2022 claimed to be a disney distributor, to have Marvel steelbook...now only Warner steelbook?!?
They're not a disney distributor. There's no disney distributor in HK. Disney pulled out of physical media there long ago now.

Manta have a license with disney merchandise, which should eventually lead to the release of discless steelbook packages.

That idea is in it's infancy though with no updates available at the moment. Do not expect any releases in the near future.

Interestingly enough all social media posts r.e the collaboration from manta/collectong were deleted shortly after they were posted. Kinda gives you an indication of how far off this is :rofl:
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