Ebay Deals Thread


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Dec 21, 2013
As you know we already have a limited and collectors edition deals and price drop thread, which mostly Amazon deals are posted on.
This one is for any Ebay deals you might find as there are a lot out there!

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Thats actually expensive one recently sold for 39 euro new and sealed i questioned it but by time seller replied it had sold but i was not bothered as no longer after one now.
Yeah it is but just thought someone here might grab it since its hard to get.
Official HDN ebay has some of the Phenomena stock at lower prices. THE CATCH .... neither edition comes with the challenge coin. So for folks who dont care about the coin its a cheaper alternative to obtain this.

Region A locked.


Discs are loaded with extras, theatrical cut, extended, interviews, soundtrack cd etc.

ones with coin can be had on shop.hidefninja.com if its in stock. (some editions sold out)
Not sure where to post this on this site but purchased an item from uk some weeks ago now,as they offered global shipping this is available in uk and USA but not in Australia.
Item arrived in Jiffy bag and due to its fragile packaging it's a right mess even items inside are damaged.
Seller is playing hard ball and was in hospital at time on buying so his other half was dealing with it.
They was not aware of where it ends up??
Anyone who has sold on eBay can they clarify this do you not know where items end up?
If item was sent within uk yes maybe it might not get damaged but to Australia not a chance. Was gutted when I grabbed from postman but had that feeling it's a mess and it was.
As seller had enough issues being on hospital he just did not care even at one point saying did not care about money. I then thought get ball rolling with eBay after several weeks of waiting eBay went in my favour and said I get refund in 72 hrs but it never came,then they said contact paypal.
This then dragged on until today when I have been asked to return item lol what an item that's damaged? And at my cost?
The shipping on this item was as much as the item itself so had hoped for a full refund end of story and I could dispose of item.
But they require me to send it back,shipping to uk from Australia is redicolous so for me to do this what I spend on sending it back would maybe be my refund meaning I'm out of pocket.
What's the logic in that to send an item back damaged to get a refund on a item seller never pack right. So it's true paypal always goes in sellers favour, my options are to supply tracking number or close case. And her was me could have purchased from several sellers but felt right with one with good feedback.
In the many years of buying and selling on eBay never had issues or if was settled with seller but there is always a first.

If it's not bad enough Amazon items arriving in a mess it's now eBay, it's enough to put you off collecting.
Is anyone here in Italy and willing to help out with shipping an item? Or has an Italian contact willing to help?

Please message me :)


Hi there, I think il Furiano is a little busy, or not on here so much. So, is there anybody else out there that can help?