Mediabook Freitag der 13. (Killer Cut) Blu-ray Mediabook 84 Entertainment

Jun 8, 2020
I ordered the Blu-ray Mediabook release here in Germany for the 2009 reboot by Marcus Nispel and it arrived just in time for Friday the 13th!

The Mediabook release I am talking about is by 84 Entertainment Germany.

This edition features the Killer Cut which is only available in this Mediabook or the VHS Retro Edition here in Germany.

The Mediabook comes with a booklet of 28 pages and is limited to 2.000 copies.
The cover shown is cover artwork B.


- Bild-in-Bild Trivia Track

- Originaltrailer (2:30 Min.) Englisch ohne UT

- The Rebirth Of Jason Vorhees (11:23 Min.)

- Hacking Back / Slashing Forward (11:40 Min.)

- Zusätzliche Szenen (8:19 Min.)

- Best 7 Kills (22:33 Min.)

Unboxing video:


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