Halloween Ends (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: January 16, 2023
Purchase links: Zavvi - Orange Edition - Blue Edition (Pre-order on October 14 , at 9 AM for Red Carpet, at 12 PM general sale - UK time)
Price: £29.99

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Nov 23, 2019
Fnac now has the blue edition up for preorder with a Feb release date listed. I decided to put in a preorder with them. Even if the the USD exchange rate with the Euro worsens considerably by the time I'm charged, it'll still by considerably cheaper than buying from Zavvi.


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Feb 23, 2012
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Just watched this and holy **** was this bad. This is hands down THE worst Halloween movie and one of the worst movies ever made by a big studio like universal. An absolute misdirection. There's no way in hell I will ever own this on disc or digital and will never watch again. How the director managed to make the 2018 movie and then this.....Everyone at universal + the director must of been on drugs when they made this :stop: o_O EEK!:banghead::mad::punch:

Everyone was making fun of haloween kills but that movie is an an absolute masterpiece compared to this :woot:
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Jan 4, 2012
Hated the film but feel compelled to get one just due to owning the first two :banghead:
Surely you wouldn't buy it now at full price then?

I'm certain they won't be able to give these away in a few months. Agree with @djjez83 awful film which ruined the franchise for a lot of fans.

I'm the same as you. Now have only two parts of a trilogy. But I refuse to waste on money on this train Wreck.
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Jul 22, 2020
I do prefer the orange design a bit if I'm honest, shame it didn't have the debossed title like the US, I may have got it if it did.

Ultimately though it doesn't go at all with my other 3 Halloween steels, so the blue is the smarter choice. Nice cheap @ £22.50 with FNAC France , so I'll probably keep my preorder in there.