I received my #bestweekever prize 2017!

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Apr 12, 2009

Hey ninjas!

Please feel free to chime in here once you receive your prizes!

See you again in 2018!


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Jun 4, 2015
My package turned up from Zavvi this morning, all bought with the £100 Zavvi Voucher from Ninja Week.
I struggled for a while to decide what I wanted & tried to maximise what I could get with it.
In the end I with:
  • Mission Impossible 5 Movie Collection (I have the Rogue Nation steelbook but wanted the other 4 movies)
  • This is England: The Complete Series (Love this show but somehow never saw '90!)
  • Misfits: The Complete Series (Another show I've wanted to pick up for a while, never saw the last season.)
  • Scream Trilogy (Scream is my favorite movie, yet I somehow have never owned 2 or 3 on any format.)
  • Machete Kills steelbook (to go along with the KimChi release)
  • Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil steelbook (Been wanting this for a while)
  • Bone Tomahawk steelbook (Another one on my list for a while)
  • Amelie steelbook (This was my last pick, it went in & out of my cart 5 or 6 times till it had that price drop to 8 euro & that sealed it)
All in all, stoked with this haul & very grateful to all at HDN for a brilliant Ninja Week.

(The House collection isn't from Zavvi, just included it in the picture as it also arrived this morning.)
May 1, 2013
Finally had the chance to put my wins on #bestweekever #ninjaweek
Massive thanks to @zesty for the amazing slipboxes,won the civil war and grimbsy and was lucky enough to add 3 more, absolutely superb work done on these custom slips.


Massive thanks to @bigballas01 for the everything is awesome Blufans Lego movie Lenti Version,arrived here in the UK in less than a week.
Couldn't be happier,been after this since it was released, awesome!!!

Once again massive thanks guys,you've made this year's ninjaweek a brilliant one for me,couldn't believe my luck with 3 wins.
All the best guys,can't wait for next year !!!!
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Jan 4, 2012
Arrived today.

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What can I say? Except, thanks so much again to everyone who made Ninja week yet another memorable week! :thumbs: :drool:

Special thanks to Blufans for donating this fantastic prize, @Wreck for hosting the giveaway, @cooey for dealing with all the packing and shipping and, of course all the mods.

Next year I will have a thing or two of my own for giving away hopefully. ;) Thanks again everyone :notworthy::notworthy: #bestweekever
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