Isle of Dogs (Blu-ray SteelBook) [France]

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Mar 24, 2013
Release date: August 22, 2018
Purchase link: FNAC
Price: €24.99

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That's not a skirt girl, that's a sawn off shotgun
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Jun 4, 2013
Ur mum

Hope it’s not sh*t.
Anderson films have had 0% decent steels so far.
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Feb 28, 2011
Considering how vibrant that film is, I found the steel to be far too dull with a shocking finish

I won’t even comment on the fantastic mr fox lol
Yep, it should've been gloss... but the artwork was nice at least.

And yeah, the less said about the FMF steel the better! :p
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Mar 24, 2013
Most famous poster and most famous artwork probably better suited to slipcase art:-
This courtesy Katsuhiro Otomo - creator of Manga classic AKIRA - who writes, "When I first saw Isle of Dogs, I thought it might be difficult to make a poster that would add something to the movie ... It is filled with homage to Japanese cinema, including music directly from Kurosawa, and seemed fully realised already, with all its details in place. It was its own complete world. Then I had an idea: to paint a very traditional Japanese dog to represent the island itself, and a very traditional Japanese wooden floor as the sea. I hope my drawing will be a meaningful way to help share this film with the world."

For the steelbook there's always one of these to keep the fun FANTASTIC MR. FOX steelbook company ...

Cast interviews + ISLE OF DOGS dogs:-


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Mar 24, 2013
As for the real Isle of Dogs in the East End of London ...
... strange but true - possibly originally a corruption of the Isle of Doggers (the "dogger" being a Dutch fishing boat way back when), the Isle of Dykes (an embankment/flood bank) or even the Isle of Ducks thanks to the marshland habitat which ducks favour.
Another "Island of dogs" is of course The Canary Islands (from the Latin, Canariae Insulae) named because of the packs of wild dogs that used to roam the place ... which in turn also references Canary Wharf back home - nothing to do with Tweetie Pie - named thus because of all the imports of fruit from The Canary Islands.

After all that, surprised the film wasn't entitled Dog Isle or Dog Island to avoid confusion (lol).

Isle of Dogs... was said to have been where Henry VIII - among other kings - kenneled his hunting dogs ... although looks more like a peninsula ... despite the man-made waterways leading off West India Dock ... w/ another less palatable theory behind the name of the place is that dead dogs - as well as other dead things including humans - washed up there on an adjacent sandbank.