Completed La Brea (Season 3) [NBC]

Wow, where did that come from, looks awesome!
Watching the video, I'm wondering how small all these actors are, because that's a T30 Nissan X-Trail (Rogue in USA), and I barely fit in mine, which is a bit newer T31, but pretty much the same physical dimensions.
Hey, I know this movie, that's Volcano, where's Tommy Lee Jones?
They got it all wrong, things should go up and out, not down and inward! :wacky:
Seriously, though, I couldn't get to my favorite CD store at the Beverly Center without walking through layers of fake ash they've scattered around the streets for weeks there, while filming.

P.S. Moral of the story: don't stop to help evilly placed fake fall-down girls when running from some San Andreas La Brea hell hole.
And give me back Natalie Zea, you bastards!