Last Blu-ray Special Edition/Displays purchased - post pics!


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Apr 12, 2009
Simply post some pics of any cool, or OOP print sets you own, with figurines, limited ed packaging, any special shelving you have, or just how you have them displayed.

A separate thread for posting general pics of your Blu-Ray collection will be added to the general Blu-Ray movie area.

This is the "I am bragging about my Special/Limited Editions" thread ;)

Enjoy! :oohyeah:
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I recently purchased the tooth fan edition from a seller in the eu who was great to deal with but ups was pretty much useless and horrible.
I have used ups many times and paid good money to have it sent express.
It was sent in two parts to try and keep prices down etc so one box came a bit later than what was promised.
The main part base part got lost so ups had to try find it.
There was many delays and issues along the way and without the base part the top part was useless.
But with a bit of luck it was located and got delivered after 1 month.
The service was approx supposed to be 6 days or less.
I tried to claim back the shipping cost but ups was not having it.

But after all that time luckily it came in one piece.
I’m sure it had been opened and checked a few times on it’s journey by customs but does anyone know someone who owns this item?

As the scroll that it came with was missing it’s not a big deal but sort of finish’s the item off and has a hole for it.

I was hoping someone could send me a copy or i could be emailed a copy and somehow print it etc.

There was only 25 of these made from a guy in Spain I believe and I knew about it but to be honest was not looking for it but looked one day and got lucky.

Maybe someone on here owns one and can help me out with the scroll. Thanks
So nobody knows the guy who made this Django tooth fan edtion or a fellow collector has it and wound like to send a copy of a scroll etc.

First Wick 4 edition, that I received.


Excited to see all of these on Blu-Ray, especially Party Girl, which only had a 4:3 DVD for 25 years.


Great edition of House of 1000 Corpses, but there's a mistake on the cover - for some reason it says "20th Anniversary", but I was just showing this new movie by a musician turned director recently to my father.



All the Woody Allen movies from exactly and the only period I was watching them: 1994-2003.
Includes such great films, as Bullets over Broadway, Celebrity, Hollywood Ending. No Deconstructing Harry though. :cautious:
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