Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy (Blu-ray Extended Edition) [USA]


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Release date: October 26, 2021
Purchase link: Amazon - Target
Price: $69.99
Notes: Remastered transfer of the extended films on Blu-ray (15 Discs) (6 Blu-ray +9 DVD)


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Are they having a laugh putting those extras on 9 dvds when 100gb 4k discs exist.
All the previous Blu-ray Lord Of the Rings Trilogy Extended Editions including the previous Middle Earth Blu-ray Collection - The Appendices and also Costa Botes Behind the Scenes documentaries from Lord of the Rings was on DVD discs

This releases includes those same extras discs it's to do with the discs menu that's why all previous Blu-ray releases the extras was on DVD

Warner would not be spending money on authoring new Blu-ray discs for the Lord of the Rings extras
They just use the existing discs

What is new is the Blu-ray discs have the remastered transfer of the films

The 4K UHD Trilogy and 4K UHD Middle Earth Collection don't include any of the previous extras

This is why they have done another Blu-ray Trilogy of the Extended Editions so it inculdes the previous extras and the new remaster transfer of the films


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So much for 4K being the market leader in physical media.....
4K UHD discs market share is tiny and will stay like that for years if not forever

DVD discs even still outsells Blu-ray if you not aware and always has
Blu-ray will also continue to outsell UHD discs for years

Sales of physical media DVD/Blu-ray has dropped a lot compared to years ago as a lot of public now purchase digital versions instead or use streaming services to watch films and TV content
UHD Disc is unlikey to ever reach sales that DVD and Blu-ray discs achieved years ago as how most people now watch films and TV has changed

Most 4K Viewing is done from 4K TV's using built in apps or using streaming stick devices
4K TV's a lot been sold and will continue to get lot of sales but 4K viewing of content most is streaming or from digital purchases

If you not aware more revenue is made from digital purchases or renting and streaming subscription services than all of DVD/Blu-ray/UHD discs sales combined
This why like of Netflix/Amazon/HBO and other streaming providers now fund and produce films and TV and you will see lot more of this happen.
Digital purchases and Streaming overtook Physical Media DVD/Blu-ray a few years ago

The only physical media format that had increased sales compared to previous years is Vinyl Records


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Sep 17, 2017
Now just waiting on a 3rd option with all of the above and the 4K Extendeds on UHD all squished together.


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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
I've pre-ordered this ed for my Girls.
They're not quite as transfixed on the supplements as I and the price is damn good for getting the ext ed films.
I've got the HDZ Gold coming, so I'm fat.
Just waiting for a similar Hobbit ed to drop now, for them.