[Mad Duck Poster] The Silence Of The Lambs by Rhys Cooper


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
The Silence Of The Lambs is a brilliant thriller that teeters between a psychological study, crime-drama, and horror film. The movie features stellar performances by Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, and Ted Levine.

We are thrilled to celebrate the 30th anniversay of this amazing movie with spectacular new releases from Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos and Rhys Cooper!

Both artists have created stunning posters with very different takes on the classic movie!

Posters go on sale Wednesday, October 20th at 12PM EST HERE!

For more information about the release including comments from both artists regarding their designs, head over to our Blog!


Rhys Cooper
Regular, 18x36 Screen Print, Metallic Ink, Run of 112, $65
Variant, 18x36 Screen Print on Foil, Run of 79, $85


Rhys Cooper
Regular Colorway on Foil, 18x36 screen print, Run of 35, $95
Split Fountain Glow In The Dark Variant, 18x36 screen print on Foil, Run of 50, $90
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