Missing Your New Thread? - Important Note for New Traders and Existing Traders


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Aug 6, 2010
Hello steelbook traders!

We've implemented a change in the way this forum allows new threads to be posted.

ANY NEW thread will now have to be approved prior to other traders seeing it.

Therefore, please keep in mind the following rules BEFORE posting your new thread for review.

We request that EACH member only has ONE trade thread. If you'd like a title change or other general cleanup, you can report the first post and request a moderator to assist with the changes.

We request that ANY new trader provider references from other forums or ebay such that other members can see a trading history from other locations.

Finally, a trading moderator MAY request that you alter your thread once approved to follow other trading rules.

Thread not approved yet?

Have you read and followed our simple trading rules?


Post a reply to this thread only if you have completed our suggestions and requirements and we'll get to you as soon as we are able.

Hopefully this small change will add another level of security for our long time traders in this forum! :thumbs:
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Looking to find out if I'm crazy and my post hasn't been approved yet. I believe I submitted it on Saturday. Do you guys not work weekends ;)

Thanks for all the work!
Im new to the trade forum. Not looking to sell, just trade. Whom do I provide my references to? Thanks.

You can provide references to wherever you have references. eBay or other trade forums. Just about anywhere where you have participated in trades/sales/buys so HDN Members have something to go by. You just need to post them on your First post in the sales thread you create

Hi Guys, Added new thread yesturday, however didnt see the rules- my bad. ebay account is greenlinda22 hamster

Thanks :thumbs:

Not to worry, normally the thread is approved and then Naughtius will comment on it telling you it's approved based on you providing a reference. So you'll be able to change it when he approves it. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on how busy he is.

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I added a new thread yesterday that is awaiting approval,but i also want to edit it, is that still possible once its up including the topic title of it.