[Mondo Books] The Art of Video Games


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In the 62 years since a physicist invented Pong, video games have transformed from a social diversion to a global obsession to an integral part of the fabric of our reality. The evolution of their artistry has followed a similarly extraordinary arc; what began as sluggish rectangles and boops has become an ever-increasingly respected forum for groundbreaking storytelling and imagery.

This month, we feature four distributed book titles that touch on a
different aesthetic era of home gaming, from the pixelated pioneers at Atari to the 16-bit sensation of Nintendo to the joyful battle insanity of the Metal Slug franchise to the uniquely serene fantasy worlds of the Mana series.

Each of these stunning chronicles of gaming history are available now in our Books Collection, and set to ship within 3 to 5 days from purchase.

Books - Art of Video Game Books


Atari 2800/7800: A Visual Compendium


The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book


Metal Slug: The Ultimate History


Art of Mana