[NL] Premium steelbooks: Plain Archive, Hdzeta, Manta Lab and more!


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Apr 3, 2020
The Netherlands/Finland
I've got some editions for sale, at the moment just these:

Death Proof Reel Synergy Fullslip (only the slip+steel, not the big box+goodies):
trade for Her Manta Lab/Blade Runner Manta Lab (could potentially add cash), or make an offer (I'd rather trade tho)

Opened mint and flawless.

Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2 Blufans fullslip: €40
Opened, mint and flawless.

Oldboy Turbine Ultimate Edition Boxset: €29
Opened, mint and flawless.

A Brighter Summer Day NOVAMEDIA Full Slip (white one) €19
Opened, completely mint and flawless.

Frank PLAIN ARCHIVE lenticular slip €15
Opened, has some minor scratches on the back of the slip.

Chernobyl Steelbook: €17
Opened, mint and flawless.

I can provide pics and more info of everything in PM.

I am also willing to trade (+cash?) for the following editions:
Blade Runner Hdzeta
Her Kimchidvd
The Dark Knight Hdzeta
And others. If you have a proposal for a trade, feel free to shoot me a PM:)

Shipping is from The Netherlands, for Europe it costs around 15 euros, for US around 25 euros.
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