Official Inglourious Basterds Fan Club [HDN Award]

Inglourious Basterds lovers ....

Get the Official IB Award by showing your appreciation of IB.

This could be IB Steelbooks, Hot Toys, Books, Comics, shirts, whatever!

post a pic or video with your name or yourself for proof of some sort.

Your post must receive 30 "Thanks" to receive this award.

30 could become 40 at a later date ...
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i am proud to be a basterd.


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I'm waiting for a new arrival. Might be here tomorrow. ;) Then I guess we could lock and close this thread. :p

On the real tho, this time I won't be lazy and I'll post up close shots of everything.

Geez, I really think you'll put the nail in the coffin for this thread when you gat that next part of the collection. Nobody else to come close to that. You just make your own award and leave the rest of us to fight for this one.:hilarious:;)

Actually can't wait to see the next piece . Know what it is but don't know what it looks like.