Mondo Psycho Goreman by Drew Millward


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Earlier this year, a movie came out that ripped our arms off and then hit us over the head repeatedly with them, with its sheer bonkersness: PSYCHO GOREMAN.

Equal parts grindhouse creature feature and Amblin-esque coming of age kids-befriend-alien adventure, Steven Kostanski's film is a love letter written in blood, for all of us who grew up obsessed with monsters, over-the-top science fiction, and genre films of the late '80s. It goes without saying that we were dying to do a poster for it. It has been way too long since we've had the pleasure of working with Drew Millward, and we're proud to team up with him, yet again, on a poster for this modern-day monsterpiece. We love this movie. We love this poster. And we hope you do, too.

Poster available Thursday, 6/3 at 11 AM Central on The Drop.

PSYCHO GOREMAN Screenprinted Poster. Art by Drew Millward. Printed by Lady Lazarus. 18" x 24". Edition of 175. Expected to ship in August 2021. Ships Worldwide. $50.