Hero Complex Gallery RAID 2: Incident on Line 13 by Josan Gonzalez & Laurie Greasley


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Hero Complex Gallery are releasing a followup to JOSAN GONZALEZ & LAURIE GREASLEY'S immensely popular RAID poster....this time with a mix of sci-fi and horror.....and dare I say, I think this one might be EVEN BETTER than the first one.

"RAID 2: Incident on Line 13"
(a continuation of their RAID print series)

We will be offering a timed screen print edition for those who prefer screen prints, along with a small edition of giclee versions that will be immediately available, including a keyline variant like before.

NOTE - we will also have a few copies of the original RAID poster available too!

Timed Edition running from November 14th - 28th
Starting November 14th at approximately 10am Pacific

JosanLaurie_TheRaid1_1000px.gif JosanLaurie_TheRaid2_1000px.jpg