Nintendo Switch Shin Megami Tensei V (2021)


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Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Release Date: November 12, 2021
Link: Gamestop VGP.CA EB Games
Price: $59.99 ; $79.99 CA

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Aug 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Standard edition now includes a free steelbook, keyring, poster and sticker sheet when ordering from Nintendo UK, Fall of Man Edition adds everything except the steelbook as it's already included.



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Aug 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Ah I should probably cancel my Pre-Order from Canada and avoid the extra fees.

@hoppusdelonge Do they charge straight away on Nintendo Store? Or before release?
First time I've ordered direct but I think they only take payment immediately if you use Paypal, I had to authenticate the payment with an OTP and the amount was £0.00

Just checked, should be charged at dispatch: Help & FAQ | My Nintendo Store
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