Made By Mutant Shogun - Soundtrack From The FX Series (Atticus Ross) (Red Vinyl)

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May 24, 2020
Release date: June 28, 2024
Purchase link: Made By Mutant
Price: €32.99
Notes: Includes a 8 page booklet, features exclusive artwork by award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu.





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love this series, and the music is ace, too. :drool: been backing off buying soundtracks for a bit, now, for space reasons, but this may tempt me back.

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OP updated, pre order live:

Mutant, in partnership with FX and Hollywood Records are proud to present the premier physical release of the original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed FX series Shōgun.
Composed by Atticus Ross (The Social Network, Watchmen, Soul, Gone Girl, Mank), Leopold Ross (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, The Book of Eli, Death Note, Triple 9) & Nick Chuba (The Girl from Plainville, Dr. Death, Thelma) worked for over two years on the music to the 10-episode miniseries. Combining authentic Japanese instruments, and modern digital production, the score is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.
Using period accurate instruments and sounds, and digitally manipulating them into a sonic landscape that is unique and disarming.
This premiere physical release features exclusive artwork by award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu, an 8 page booklet, with a forward by co-composer Leopold Ross, and is pressed on 140gm vinyl.

Side One
  1. Erasmus
  2. Main Title (Shōgun)
  3. Osaka Castle
  4. The Council Will Answer to Me
  5. Tanto
  6. Crimson Sky
  7. Three Hearts
  8. The Pull of Death
Side Two
  1. Willow World
  2. This Is War
  3. A Dream Within a Dream
  4. Land of Tears
  5. Shinobi
  6. Why Tell a Dead Man the Future
  7. The Bureaucrat
  8. Two Hearts
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