Sonic the Hedgehog (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Mar 12, 2018
Would actually like a steelbook with this design. Wouldn't mind if this was final artwork.
Definitely. They could really make it pop if the keep the neon bright, would work well

Although, as @Noodles said, there's been some decent, bright poster artwork for it. So something along those lines would be good as well
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Nov 9, 2018
Some cool, vibrant poster art out there for this, so I look forward to seeing the final result - hopefully they don't go for something different and "creative".
yeah same here mate, so many nice pieces out there kinda makes me hope there will be a few release of this.

but also as @Mth said I kinda like the simplicity of this one.
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Feb 24, 2018
Big heads really :sour: I’m not amused :meh: easy pass come on Paramount don’t rinse and repeat instead give us something actually decent for Best Buy’s Steelbook
Mar 7, 2019
I actually like the final art! Hopefully Filmarena will do a nice package for this :thumbs:


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Jun 4, 2013
Finally watched this. It actually wasn’t bad. It handled its silly very well. And Jim was no where near as cringe and annoying as i thought he would be. There was a few moments but he made me laugh for probably the first time in over 10 years (bar the older classics)

Sonic was cool