Steelbook Clear-out! Some Old & Rare!

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Hi and thanks for looking!

I am clearing out some SteelBooks as I don't really collect anymore unfortunately.
I've had these for many years so I'm sorry if I can't recall all the details, but if you're curious about anything, please ask away!
Happy to send more pictures if needed.

I am in Australia, so a lot of these are JB Hi-Fi exclusives, but have some from all around the place.

I believe the rarest include the Gladiator Slip (Aus exclusive), The Japanese copy of Seven and Batman Begins (HMV?)
The Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol SteelBook (Aus) Is signed by Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner! I don't really know how to prove this, but he came to Australia for a premier of the film, and I got him to sign it then.

As I have been out of the game for a while, I'm not across the value of these, so I will leave it open to offers.
I know this community is awesome and I loved collecting back in the day which is why I am exclusively listing here and I will be very fair with the price.

I will ship world wide, just ask me for a quote.

Please send offers in AUD or make it clear what currency your offering in.

Most are in excellent condition, but I have specified otherwise.

Batman Begins (Japan, Sealed, Hmv?)

8 Mile (Aus, minor dint on front)

Battle Royal ( UK)

Apocalypse Now (metal slip not SteelBook, Aus)

Apollo 13 (Aus)

Seven/Se7en (Japan, Sealed, HMV?)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Case doesn't clip closed any more)

Back to the Future (Aus)

Chronicle (Aus)

Casino (Aus)

Cabin in the Woods (UK, Not sealed - in slip, )

Scarface (metal slip not SteelBook, Aus)

War Horse (Germany?, Dint on top of SteelBook)

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (UK)

Hacksaw Ridge (Aus)

Django Unchained (Aus)

The Pacific (Aus, Sealed)

Gladiator (Metal slip not SteelBook, Aus)

Oldboy (Sealed, UK)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Aus)

Signed by Jeremy Renner


The Grey (Germany?)

I believe this is called a Metalpak? not a SteelBook.

Thanks for looking!
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