Strays - In Theaters June 9, 2023


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Title: Strays

Genre: Comedy, Animation, Adventure

Director: Josh Greenbaum

Cast: Will Forte, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, Will Ferrell, Randall Park, Mike Dolphy

Release: 2023-06-09

Plot: An abandoned dog teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner.

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Whoa, I expected some kiddie stuff, but this is like R-rated mothercrappin' cursing dogs movie! With real dogs! Much prefer it this way, with only mouths animated, than the whole CGI crapfest. Looks 'gangsta', yeah! *said a 40 year old whitest dude possible*
That mushroom scene is going to be the best one.

I want one like this, but with cats.
Time for studio execs to take a hint from YouTube and TikTok.

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Oh, I like how they put an accent on the R rating on the new poster.
Though it would've been fun to see those 'wholesome' families that went to see it unknowingly... :D

Wanted to see something 'lighter' and smaller, than awaiting their turn Meg 2 and Indy 5, and this R-rated comedy surprised me numerous times. There's loads of cursing, violence between animals, bloody assault against a human, and dark humor, especially liked the bit about a serial killer. All that peppered with 'gangsta' rap by Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and the like.
Sadly there's loads of toilet 'humor' as well, puke and **** is going to be literally in your face often.
But overall it goes against all the 'cute family friendly' trend, and I appreciate it.
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