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im on the disney + bundle the 12.99 for hulu, disney plus and espn.

not sure if they have a free trial, but could wait till episodes 5,6 happen then sign up and you'd be good through till the end i suppose. 10 part series, 2 eps per week every sunday.

hulu etc. is an easy online cancellation, fyi. no funny business.
I discovered that The Last Dance is available at ESPN as soon as the original live broadcast is done at ESPN+.
Also, VPN does not work for Netflix.
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Nov 2, 2017
I'm looking for action series on TV/streaming you would recommend. Shows that don't have too many moments of long and slow dialogue, and aren't too dark. I'm currently watching Stargirl and Wu Assassins. I'm sure I'll have seen some of the shows already, but throw out your best recommendations. Thanks!

P.S. It wouldn't let me post without a prefix.

And I guess the moderator won't let this be it's own topic even though people would probably find it useful given the millions of dramas or slow super hero shows.
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Nov 9, 2018
We watched it all over 3 days!

It's an anthology show. So next season will be different characters (like American Horror Stories) Not sure if it will be the same actors though....
Ended up watching 4 episodes last night and will definitely watch a few more tonight :thumbs:
So 3 days will probably be about the same for me :D
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