Suspiria (4K+2D Blu-ray FuturePak) (Crowdfunded) (CultFilms) [UK]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: Indiegogo (Crowdfunding will start at 12.30 PM on October 30 2017)
Price: £29.00 (Early Bird first 85 backers price is £24.00)
Notes: Crowdfunded limited edition UHD and Blu-ray dual-format Embossed Numbered FuturePak gloss finish limited to 950 copies


Actual pics courtesy @Hereticz
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Update 12

Dario Argento Autograph Perk
Dear Dario Argento's Fans,

We still haven't received some of the names that will be printed on the cards of the backers who purchased the Dario Argento Autograph Perk. Due to our commitment to the Maestro and out of respect for you, his fans, we cannot send out nameless cards.

Unfortunately, we cannot wait much longer, so please, confirm to us the name you would like printed on the card by Monday, 23rd of April or we'll have to use the username from your account as the name for printing.

Example -> Username to be printed: CultFilms

Please, send us your name - or the name of the person you would like the autograph to be signed for. The deadline is Monday, April 23rd.

With grateful thanks to all,
The CultFilms Team

P.S.: If you have already supplied the name and received a confirmation from us, you do not need to do it again.
Update 13

Dear Argento fans,

Thank you for your emails. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding as the previous message was only meant for the people who have purchased the Dario Argento autograph perk. This was a very limited run (100 autographs in total) and these were only available as a secret perk to people who had already purchased the steel case. Due to the very high demand, this perk sold out in just a few hours. We will not be producing more than these 100 autographs however we are still missing the names of the few last people who pledged for this. If you purchased a personalised signed autograph, please send us the name you would like to have on your card to [email protected] before Monday 23rd April.
Update from Cultfilms

“The Steel cases have arrived!

Dear Argento fans,

Excellent news! The steel cases have now arrived in our warehouse and we have just opened our first case. We will be starting the full Quality control next week, following which we will start the individual packing of all your orders. We will advise as we go along and we will email you individually when your orders will be dispatched. Please bear with us, we are in the final stretch! Many thanks for all your support and your kind understanding! “

I suggest the more the better post in comments section on Indiegogo campaign page you want these shipped in decent boxes wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap and make it clear you don't want shipped in cardboard mailers or bubble mailers

Remember Cult Films are new to steelbooks/FuturePak when it comes to shipping
Cult Films Facebook

Dear Argento Fans,

The wait is almost over! We have been very busy with the Quality Control and each of your pledges is presently being individually put together by the expert loving hands of our fulfilment.

These will be dispatched in the next couple of days so watch this space! In any event, you will all be advised by email when the orders have left the warehouse!
33101782_2152400948105106_19715536271179776_n.jpg 33338146_2152400888105112_1412659183681011712_n.jpg 33194659_2152401031438431_8043175875010625536_n.jpg

Cult Films Twitter

Update 16

Dear Argento Fans,

Your individual orders have been custom packed in protective sturdy boxes made to size and are in the process of shipping out. Whilst we have been able to oblige with very last-minute changes requested from some pledgers, we are afraid it is as of now too late to change anything in the order and/or destination.

The CultFilms Team
Arrived today, few surface scratches and what looks like a hair stuck under part of the paint, not really a surprise after seeing them stacked on top of each other with nothing in between, they're not even shrink wrapped. Not like they'll be able to replace it though.
On a positive note, the embossing is fantastic.
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