Bottleneck Gallery Thanos by Oliver Rankin


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
We’re turning to the Dark Side with new prints from Lyndon Willoughby and Oliver Rankin!

Lyndon’s print for Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace puts one of our favorite characters and antagonist in all of Star Wars lore. The brutal Sith Lord’s design is equal parts nefarious and cool, and Lyndon’s print cleverly mixes multiple main elements in the film,

Oliver’s print for one of Marvel’s biggest baddies, Thanos, features the cosmic king sat atop an appropriate throne. Thanos is a larger-than-life character, and Oliver’s print perfectly captures that.

Lyndon and Oliver’s prints will be available for purchase on Thursday (3/31) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!


Thanos by Oliver Rankin
18 x 24 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100