Multi The Dark Pictures Anthology (Episodic Horror Series) (2020)


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May 18, 2013

Source: DualShockers
The famed creators of Until Dawn aren’t taking a break from the horror genre; according to an announcement from Supermassive Games’ Pete Samuels at Gamescom 2018’s Opening Ceremony, the developers are working on an episodic horror franchise called The Dark Pictures anthology. The first episode–Man of Medan–is slated for launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019 with Bandai Namco stepping in as publisher.

Seen in the announcement trailer below, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan carries a more nautical theme. highlighting a group of four young friends exploring the wreck of a WWII ship via a dive boat. However, disturbing the hidden horrors of the sunken ship carries its own batch of curses that come to haunt the group.

In a quick description of the game via the PlayStation Blog, Samuels noted that The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will be “more branching… than any of [Supermassive’s] previous games.” Specifically, every character will be able to live or die depending on branching storyline and gameplay decisions.

Speaking strictly about The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive hasn’t given a hint on either how long each episode will be or how many episodes they plan to roll out. While each story will be standalone, Supermassive has “identified 39” different stories in the horror sub-genres that they would like to tell.
This looks pretty good something that I could see myself getting into as I quite enjoy these type of games.

Can't say that I've heard of the games before, are there many already available?