The Flash (2023) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
Release date: TBA
Purchase links: TBA
Price: TBA

Two versions:

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Please Manta use the first Slip art.. Flloydo has no clue
Really? God no. He looks like DareDevil

The second one (front) is slightly better because of Keaton and Sasha but man I hope they choose better
That position of title on slip is portraying him exactly like Daredevil.
Also logo on first slip is gigantic to the one on 2nd slip...
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Please Manta do not use those slips arts. They look rubbish imo
Agree. Both crap. I don't think manta will use either personally. I'd expect them to use the same character card images though.

The logo front of the one WWA will probably be on the back of the steel, and it wouldn't surprise me if the front of the batcave WWA ended up on the back of a slip either, which is fine by me.