The General Group Buy Request / Discussion Thread


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Aug 6, 2010
Would you like a member to host a group buy? Is there something that you think might be interesting to other members as well?

Can you all save on shipping? Or get some other type of discount?

Group buy hosts and members - use this thread to see if there is interest in the title(s) you are looking for.
  • There are about 4 different titles (2 John Wick4 versions/2 TLOU versions) currently that I would purchase.. Might be more once I find somebody that can help me out.
  • These multiple titles are in the preorder status and only available on HMV. Like most UK companies in these years don’t ship out of the country/ship to the USA.
  • The titles I'm looking for are smaller exclusives so they probably won't pull in a groupbuy (I looked in all the discord and sites for one already). Hopefully somebody is willing to take the time to help me out and I will pay for the services.
  • I'm assuming the most cost effective process would be: finding somebody living within the UK, then having them buy it, and finally ship it to the USA. A few people have recommended me to use a 'Forward Service' instead but last time I used one of these it came out being very very expensive.

~ Either send me a message on this site or a quicker way would add me as a friend on my one discord accord. maxreiger#1968

Thanks y'all


(I might have posted this in the wrong thread before this; wasn't quite sure)