Mediabook The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) (4K + Blu-ray Mediabooks) (Turbine Media Shop Exclusives) [Germany]

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Jun 8, 2020
Release date: January 20, 2023
Purchase links: Turbine Shop Cover A - Cover B - Cover C - Cover D
Price: €34.95
Notes: Cover A/D Limited to 333 - Cover B/C Limited to 500


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NEW! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 4K Turbine Mediabook Cover D out Jan. 20th!

First of all, my Youtube channel is not monetized.
All of the editions I bought myself, nothing is sponsored and I don´t earn a cent on Youtube!
I run the channel for fun only and to get in touch with movie lovers from all over the world (that is why I do the unboxings in English).

I have no contract running or anything like it, no promotion deal with Turbine or any other label.

I received this upcoming 3-disc set 4K mediabook straight out of Turbine´s CEO Phil today.
We used to have a meeting that lasted for more than four hours talking about the past, present and future of Turbine Germany.

I will announce some of the upcoming titles from their catalogue soon (the ones Phil allowed me to). This will include some big surprises for sure, so keep checking back.

Cover D (333 copies) features the Jason Edmiston artwork and will be published alongside cover A, B and C this Friday.
The 4K disc features HDR and Dolby Vision (1x 4K UHD, 1x Blu-ray, 1x Bonus Blu-ray).

The discs contain the very same content as the previous release from March 2022.






Unboxing video (in English)

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Bonus material:
+ 64-page booklet by Tobias Hohmann about the history of the creation and the franchise
+ four audio comments by cast, director, cameraman , editor and sound engineer
+ Documentaries and interviews The chainsaw business: From grandfather's sewing box, The chainsaw cut, The hallowed ground of horror
+ Documentaries: TCM - A Family Portrait - The Shocking - Truth, Flesh Wounds and Off the Hook
+ A tour of the TCM house with Gunnar Hansen
+ Removed Scenes and Outtakes
+ The Shocking Truth Outtakes
+ 40th Anniversary Trailer, Cinema Trailer (USA, D), US TV & Radio Spots

The bonus material has optional German subtitles and is partly in SD.

Number of discs: 3
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