Thor Ragnarok (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]


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Apr 28, 2011
Release date: March 16, 2018
Purchase links: KimchiDVD - Novamedia
Price: $51.99 (Kimchi) - $52.99 (Nova)


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Aug 22, 2013
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hmmm unless you really wanted an English language Jcard, for a WWA release like Thor Ragnarok Zavvi, there's really no worry of it being sold out as you can get the same exact steelbook from France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc....
More expensive than the UK edition and nowhere else in Europe appears to be offering 4k. I know the 4k release is still available at Zavvi so I would have been lucky if I'd waited this time, but this is not normally the case, plus they've raised the price.
Nov 9, 2017
Looks like the same steelbook like Best Buy.

It is the exact one as Best Buy because I bought the Best Buy one the other day and can confirm its the same. Its really disappointing the US VERSIONS ARE always the worst in the World and its weird the korea version would use the same lame steel book as most retailers used for this release... (Lazy)

They seriously need to hire a fan to make steelbook art covers because these creative teams put no real effort to making a nice package and suck at it.. The only good cover steelbook I seen for this movie so far is the Bluefans and I really hope that art does not change.

If designers read this that make steelbooks, step your game up because your designs are weak! I see better fan art made for steelbook covers and the weird thing is they are not he ones being paid so, all specialty companies step up your design work and give us something as good as the recent Film Arenas Spiderman homecoming box set was amazing.

Where are the creative art sets for Thor??? This release so far is a disappointment compared to other movie releases that had way better art and box sets.
Nov 9, 2017
I think I’m going for this....really like that package. I’ll be getting the Blufans 1-click & maybe the FAC also. Who else is in for this?

Did blufans give info on a 1-click? i thought a 1-click is the premium box sets? All I see for blufans is the Single Steelbook, so how is that a 1-click? The FAC edition is the same exact steepbook as Bestbuy and other retwilers except it has the 3D version instead of the 4k...

This Thor steelbook is just so lame and not creative at all when this movie has so many better options for good art work on the cover... Especially, with all the vibrant colors this movie uses, the steelbooks couldve been way better...

To the person that designed this generic worldwide steelbook is LAME! They seriously should start taking submissions for FAN ART to be the covers of steelbooks because especially in the US steelbook art covers are WHACK! US gets the worst edition of every movie 95% of the time..


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Nov 13, 2017
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Um, @Alf_1 you seem to forget, any designs for covers or even interior art, must be approved by the studio before it is allowed to be put into production.
If said studio dictates limitations, such as the same art used on the Thor Rag WWA, then there is little room for creativity from the designers.
Nov 9, 2017
Um, @Alf_1 you seem to forget, any designs for covers or even interior art, must be approved by the studio before it is allowed to be put into production.
If said studio dictates limitations, such as the same art used on the Thor Rag WWA, then there is little room for creativity from the designers.

I understand the entire process and peeps that have these jobs at the studio that make the aprroval decisions just suck at it and should work in a different field. The studios dont understand what good Art for their steelbooks are pretty often and a steelbook is suppose to be collectible with eye catching art, but they just do some uncreative generic approval that just slaps any art on the package and be done with it kind of attitudes...

Thats fine to do that lazy approval work for standard versions, but for steelbooks there needs to be More creativity from designers. Allow Fan input as well as studios should be open to approving better art that would not hurt their movie franchises and would actually improve it. They could have easily made the steelbook look as good as the Lenti Magnet that Hac719 put on the back of his steelbook. The funny thing is a lot of the crappier versions got that art work and then the steelbook got some Lame one color steelbook when Most promo Art for the movie they used all vibrant colors. So which Joe smoe at Marvel studios approved this Bland Art work for the steel when way better promo posters could have been approved...

Also, have you ever wonder why the package says collectible... Well if they know that they are making a product for customers to collect then Marvel Studios should be more open to collectors, the ones dropping tons of cash on their products... They have plenty of time to get approval for these products in a timely manner and during the design process they should allow the Public to vote on the final ART...

In an ideal world it would be nice if They can have maybe 3 different steels with different art to vote on for the Final art and see what the public wants more.. Obviously it sells anyway because people love these movies, but they can still show better appreciation by putting in more effort for the steelbooks Art if they are suppose to be selling collectibles as it says on the package to a collector.

They could do contests like NIKE does with their Doernbecher program where fans are chosen from a contest winner to have a chance to design their own Jordan’s Colorway... They could easily do these kind of contests. Nike has been doing this for many years.

So, lets say a fan wins the contest presently where they submit their art and then the public votes on a winner. From that Winner they would go on to whatever next project would be released in the future and have the opportunity to work with the Marvel team for that specfic release as well as give the winner royal treatment with a tour of Marvel studios as well as some cool goodies specifically one of a kind stuff to bring home.

Can Mega conglomerate companies please give fans a say in their sought out collectible items such as these steelbooks.. Yes, we all know most likely even with medicore art on a steelbook it will sell, but the point is to be more connected to the fan base that are the ones buying all these steelbooks.

They could Be more connected to the fan feedback as NIKE is... Oh, and if you didn't know NIKE has an approval process for their sneakers as well of what art and color goes on their shoes but, go figure they still allow fans to design a new colorway even for their most precious Jordan line.

What limitations did Marvel have on Ragnarok that you really think Marvel was like No, dont use this beautiful vibrant promo art for the steelbook that is on most standard copies and was like you can only design it with the One boring red tone and half of Thor on the cover? Its not a bad steelbook, but lets be honest and be real that there were so many better promo posters to go with the steelbook to compliment the variety of the colors and really make it shine!

Has anyone seen the Amazon UK 3D Slip cover of Ragnarok? As of now I own the Best Buy 4k steel, the Target Ex with Gallery book ( Lame Packaging & no Hard cover book) and the Amazon UK 3D Slip cover...

No joke, the imported Amazon UK 3D Slip cover is better then the BB 4k steelbook when it comes to the Art as well as the slipcover has a special refelctive coating. When holding it the vibrant colors glisten off the box like I just reached the end of a sparkling rainbow and Scored some Ragnarok Pot of Gold! Sorry, Leprechaun you are not getting this Pot of Ragnarok shine back from me.

If the retailers got the approval for this art work for their slip covers then why do you think that they couldnt have easily been approved to be the steelbook cover instead of this Dull red tone? 25% of the cover on this steel is a splat of red... Looks like the team that designed this Art for the steelbook was playing Splatoon when they came up with this monotonous color scheme.

Steelbooks are meant for beautiful Art work to shine and stand out, so please tell me why a studio would limit this steelbook approval to this vague, underwhelming art that is maybe good for a Cereal Box, but not for a Steel?

I had high expectations for this steelbook when I was seeing all the cool vibrant colors on promo’s and then boom I see this Best Buy steelbook disappointment. I am let down that the only company at the moment that has a great design for the steel is blufans.

Hopefully, Marvel approves that Art and if they dont then we know their approval department, lacks any eye for good art even when art is subjective. Im sure most will agree the blufans at the moment has the best art for this steelbook. Its also not easy to order from blufans, so for me Im let down and maybe I will get lucky to get it.

I cant see Marvel wanting to limit this steelbook to a dull one red tone when all the other releases in slip covers got some colorful packaging and way better in my opinion... only thing is, Im not a fan of squared slip covers since 90% of the time they are damaged in store. Why only 4k slip covers are rounded with No edges and the Blu as well as the 3D use the square slip cover is mind boggling..

I can say 95% of the 4k rounded edgeless slip covers are always near Mint and then look at the cornered slip covers that are mostly torn and crushed.

I still dont understand the concept of cornered slip covers when they cant deliver them in New condition to the store and keep them that way. They are a design flaw!! Why create such amazing 3D lenti slip covers like IT, Moana, etc... and then have almost all the inventory torn and crushed? We buy it because its all thats offered, but Im tired of big companies not improving the products..

So guess what as I stated, for now on any cornered lenti slip cover that has a majaroity of the inventory damaged then guess what when they dont care about delivering Mint products, then I guess I wont care when I steal it... So you are right when companies want to be just huge cash cows and not step their game up by taking no feed back as well as giving worse versions to certain regions then I will not feel bad when I just take it for free.

The Signed art print at the bottom is from Sideshow Collectibles and this same Art print is included as a downsized version inside the Target Ex I believe as part of the Art book it comes with or maybe a separate card inside... I saw someone else on a video, but didnt open mine yet is why im not exactly sure how its packaged inside. Pics dont do it justice, but you get the idea.










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Dec 28, 2017
I'm looking to sell this set- what would you guys say is a fair price? Can't find any other listings for it to gage a price.