Untitled Jurassic World Movie - In theaters July 2, 2025


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Dec 28, 2012
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Title: Untitled Jurassic World Movie

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot: The seventh installment in the Jurassic World franchise and a complete reboot set in a new era with an all-new storyline. Plot TBA.
For me as someone who's not big on Jurassic Park that has me really interested, even though it's kind of hilarous, Edwards just said last summer that he won't be making big budget films anymore but only indie-esk films like The Creator and in the shooting style of that. But then again, The Creator had an 80 Million budget so I guess that's pretty big budget.
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I want a Michael Mann, Miami Vice type hand-held, dogma 'natural lighting' style filmed Jurassic World movie.
And everything else that way, actually. :wow:
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