[WINNER CHOSEN] Apollon's "You ready, Ninjas?" #1 - Wacom Bamboo Spark Smart Pen+Folio+Gadget Pocket

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WINNER: @bloodsnake007

Ninja week from February 20 till February 26

All registered members, regardless of post count

PRIZE: Wacom Bamboo Spark Smart Pen and Folio with Gadget Pocket - for more info check out the listing on Apple.com

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Thank this post (to show you read and agreed to the terms) and tell us why should you win. Be creative!

One post/entry per person. The winner is responsible for paying for his/her own shipping. The packaging material will be donated by Apollon.

Please note that since I will be traveling during Ninja Week up until the end of March, the prizes will start shipping once I'm back, i.e. end of March.

Good luck everyone!

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Stay tuned for updates throughout the Ninja Week 2017 and all year round:

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Obi Wan Dandobi

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May 15, 2015
Wow! Amazing prize!

I'd love to win because since I slipped a disc I've been put on morphine patches which means I've now got a memory like an 80 year old goldfish! If I don't write something down as I think of it it's gone! Maybe I had the answer to world peace or how to make a good movie of a video game but if I did it's gone. And why? Because I did the write it down! So if I was to win this I will endeavour to solve the world's conflicts or write a good script for a film based on a video game or even just remember why I walked into my local supermarket!
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Congrats @cooey !

Please send me a PM using the following format:

- Put in the subject field this giveaway’s title as is.

- In the body of the message please include your shipping address including a valid phone number (required by the shipping company) and which value you’d like to be declared for customs etc… I will revert back to you in the coming week regarding the shipping cost and we can take it from there.

Thanks to all who participated. If I don't hear from the winner by this coming Thursday, a new winner will be announced.

Update: cooey has withdrawn himself as he won't be allowed to use the device at work as planned, another one will be announced soon.

Update 2: new winner is @bloodsnake007 , PM sent.
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