(WINNER CHOSEN) Arrow Video Beyond the door Giveaway


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Nov 9, 2018
Received a little package from a pal of mine today that had another copy of this in it :whistle: :notworthy:

So I'm going to put mine up as a giveaway and keep his.

Anyway, So firstly id love to know what movie that hasn't already had the Limited edition treatment from Arrow would you love to see receive it?

Mine would obviously be Killer klowns from outer space :whistle::spoil:

WINNER CHOSEN :thumbs: @EvilThing Pass me over your details mate and ill get it in the post on Monday for you. Congrats :thumbs::happy:


Second just like the thread :thumbs:
Third, give my Arrow collection a like :thumbs:

I'll draw the winner on Friday the 1st of may
Shipping will be free Worldwide.
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