HDN GRAND PRIZE [Winner Chosen]Hidefninja.com Steelbook Grand Prize Package

  • Hello and happy early holidays from HiDefNinja! It's been a challenging couple of years for everyone and this site included. Please remember during November and December to click links on this site before purchasing from Amazon or other retailers like Zavvi. Every little bit helps and thank you so much for the dedicated support you show us by visiting!
  • Group buys from apsmith21 have been restocked with remaining copies not yet reserved. If you are after American Psycho, Ran, Terminator 2 and Hacksaw Ridge a limited number of copies have been added. Group buy shipping will resume in January 2022, but no additional copies will be sourced. Pay for your copy now to reserve! https://www.hidefninja.com/community/members/apsmith21.485/#resources
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Apr 12, 2009
Winner Bookman68


Welcome to the 6th Annual Ninja Week at hidefninja.com.


Grand prize sponsored by hidefninja.com

All registered forum members are eligible to enter. Winner pays shipping if not from a retailer that provides free shipping.

Package includes:

Steelbooks from Zavvi (winner's choice), worth $250.

zavvi - spending spree $250.png

To enter, please reply to this post and share:

1)Last Steelbook purchased?
2) What is your favorite HDN forum?

Good luck ninjas!

You can spread the word about our 6th Annual Ninja Week!
Please share the meme below and tag us at @hidefninja and @bluraysteelbook Twitter and @hidefninjaofficial on Instagram.

Ninja Week meme 6.jpg

Enjoy #bestweekever!
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Feb 25, 2015
My last steelbook purchased:
Spectre Steelbook (KimchiDVD)

My favorite HDN forum:
Blu-ray Steelbook
Feb 17, 2015
1) Last Steelbook purchased?
= Bounty Killer (2013) Bluray Steelbook - Limited Edition Full Sip A 'Steelarchive Exclusive' / Germany.

2) What is your favorite HDN forum?
= Definitely Steelbook Group Buys is my favourite forum.

This is my 1st experience and I'm so excited for this giveaway event.

Enjoy #bestweekever! @hidefninja
Mar 26, 2014
Last steelbook purchased was HDZeta's Minions. My favorite Forums are the steelbook ones and posts are the FilmArena and HDZeta Group buys :)


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Jul 9, 2013
Last steelbook purchase was Oz Blufans, my favorite forums are the Premium Ninja Thread and the Steelbook/GB Forums!

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