[WINNERS CHOSEN] Ninja Week Pin!

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INSERT THE WORD NINJA in place of one word in a movie title ......... keep it going. I will choose winners before the week is up in many different threads giving away pins!

I'll start ....

Inglourious Ninja


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Jan 3, 2013
"Quentin Tarantino is an American Ninja, producer, screenwriter and actor, who, as of 2015, has directed eleven Ninja and written all Ninja. He began his Ninja in the late 1980s by directing, writing and starring in Ninja black-and-white My Best Friend's Ninja, a partially lost amateur short Ninja which was never officially released. He impersonated musician Elvis Ninja in a small role in the sitcom The Golden Ninja (1988), and briefly appeared in Eddie Ninja (1992). As an independent Ninja, he directed, wrote and appeared in the Ninja thriller Reservoir Ninja (1992), which tells the story of five Ninja who team up for a Ninja heist. It proved to be Tarantino's breakthrough Ninja and was named the "Greatest Independent Ninja of all Time" by Empire. His screenplay for Tony Scott's True Ninja (1993) was nominated for a Ninja Award."

Source - Quentin Tarantino filmography (wikiNinja.org)
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